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stardust & wanderlust

do I follow the star, or the gypsy king?



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aliens, antlers, archaeology, arthur rackham, astral travel, astronomy, autumn, birds, bisexuality, bluebells, bones, bonfires, brian froud, canal boats, captain jack sparrow, centaurs, cockroaches, conservation, corsets, cryptozoology, dancing in boots, darth vader, deers, dinosaurs, dogs, drawing, dreadlocks, drinking tea at festivals, evolution, finland, flea markets, for science!!, forests, freeganism, germany, girl genius, goblins, harry potter, herbalism, horns, horseriding, horses, iceland, india, indian food, ireland, jareth, jewellery, jägermonsters, kingfishers, labyrinth, lord of the rings, mead, mermaids, moomins, moonlight, moss, n64, nature, night air, norse mythology, open fires, orchids, organic cider, orreries, outer space, paganism, pancakes, parallel dimensions, penhaligon's perfumes, photography, picnics, pirates, planets, planting & growing things, playing the harmonica, pre-raphaelites, predator, red dwarf, rhubarb pie, ritual dancing, robots, sacred sites, saffron buns, sailors, seahorses, self sufficiency, severus snape, sewing, sigur rós, sirius/remus, skulls, slytherin, snow, snowdrops, snufkin, spirituality, spock, star trek, starseeds, steampunk, summer evenings, swimming in rivers, tattoos, taxidermy, tea, terrariums, the dark crystal, the nightmare before christmas, the sea, thunderstorms, tilda swinton, time travel, tolkien, tove jansson, trees, trolls, vanilla tobacco, vegetarianism, vikings, wildlife, winter, witchcraft, wolves, woodland glades, zelda